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Registered Foreign Lawyer, Intellectual Property Counsel




A trademark is a unique sign or symbol used to identify or distinguish your products and services from those proposed by your competitors


A registered trademark gives you the exclusive right to use, license or market your products or services in the country of registration.

Designs patents

A registered design patent is an industrial property title that makes it possible to protect all or a portion of the ornamental or aesthetic aspect (design) of your creation.


Acquiring and holding intellectual property titles must be regulated by contract.

We help you to target the right contract according to the nature of your project and your goals, and protect your interests. 


Ms. Anne-Sophie Maurel is a member of the Paris bar, Registered Foreign Lawyer and Counsel specialized in Intellectual Property in Hong Kong. Ms. Maurel supplies consulting and legal services to French companies who wish to protect their intellectual assets in Europe, as well as in Asia where she has accumulated substantial experience in practicing law within several firms.




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